Day-to-day emotional regulation: Background and consequences (2020-2023)

Integrated Researcher : Tânia Brandão (IR),Rute Brites,João Hipólito, Odete Nunes


The study of motives associated with emotion regulation is of crucial importance in the study of emotion regulation processes. While some studies relate the reasons for emotion regulation to the choice of different ER strategies, individual and contextual variables that allow a better understanding of this association as well as its impact in terms of psychological functioning remain to be explored.

This cross-sectional and longitudinal quantitative study aims to: validate the scale of motives for emotion regulation for the Portuguese context, explore the role of motives in the choice of emotion regulation strategies, explore the role of attachment, self-esteem and of the perception of emotional invalidation responses as antecedent factors of motives associated with emotion regulation, and to explore longitudinally the association between motives, emotion regulation and psychological functioning. It is hoped with this study to find clues that help to design interventions aimed at changing not only the strategies of emotional regulation, but also the reasons associated with it and, consequently, the promotion of better psychological functioning of individuals on a daily basis. .

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