Psique is an annual journal that annually publishes, since 2005, original articles and communications in the scientific area of ​​Psychology, in its various fields of specialization. Psique is particularly aimed at researchers, professors and students in Psychology but also at readers in general who are interested in the knowledge of this science. The magazine publishes articles in Portuguese, Spanish, French and English.

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Psique XV (2)

1st of July to 31st of December 2019

Teaching Chinese as a foreign language: reading and writing challenges - exploratory study on two digital learning platforms

Tomasso Rossi

Quality of life and the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs among university students

Aislan José de Oliveira, Álvaro Augusto Trigo, Ana Paula Jesus da Silva, Daniela Araújo Coelho, Hilda Rosa Chaplain Avoglia, Luiz Roberto Marquezi Ferro

Insulin omission as a weight loss strategy: diabulimia

Ana Patrícia Cardoso, Filipa Pimenta

Evaluation of virtual task, labyrinth, in people with multiple sclerosis, with fatigue

ABEM - Brazilian Association of Multiple Escelerose, Ana Maria Canzonieri, Carlos Monteiro, Daniele Batista de Sousa, Dyana Gervana Fernandes, Jislaine Oliveira, Talita Dias, Thais Mira Simandi

The high sensitivity of sensory processing and aggression: contribution to the study of a relationship

Ana Sofia Monteiro Pires, Graça Esgalhado, Henrique Pereira, Manuel Joaquim Loureiro, Marina Afonso

Motivational Potential of Duolingo and Memrise Mobile Applications for Foreign Language Learning and Their Use among University Students in Croatia

Predrag Oreški, Vladimir Legac, Krunoslav Mikulana

Statistical models and cut-off points for assessing cognitive and linguistic skills of immigrants

Sandra Figueiredo

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