Individual differences in the psychological functioning of university students: a study in the context of a pandemic

Researchers: Odete Nunes (IR), Rute Brites, Tânia Brandão, Maria Antónia Ross, Edite Oliveira, João Hipólito

Due to the pandemic situation we are experiencing, university students, practically since March 2020 have been in a distance learning situation. In addition to all the changes / adaptations that had to be made in terms of academic continuity, studies already carried out with other populations suggest that the very situation of high transmissibility of the virus and the respective consequences for the health of themselves and their families, isolation and fear have psychological health consequences. The aim of this study, in a sample of university students, is to explore the role of individual variables (resilience, emotional regulation) in psychological functioning, ie, considering the perceived threat and exposure to potentially traumatic events, to what extent can these variables mediate the development of symptoms of stress, anxiety and posttraumatic stress

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