Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee (EC) is an independent body, of a consultative nature, which gives its opinion, through the preparation of opinions, on the ethical issues arising from scientific research activities conducted at CIP.



  • João Hipólito (Psychotherapist)

Vice president

  • Tânia Brandão (Psychologist)


  • Pedro Almiro (Doctor in Psychology)


  • Graça Rafael (Social Worker)
  • João Paulo Nunes (Nurse)
  • Luís Branco (Philosopher)
  • Manuel Guedes Vieira (Theologian)
  • Mauro Paulino (Psychologist)
  • Nuno Miguel Garcia Rodrigues (Psychiatrist)
  • Stela Barbas (Law Specialist)

Rules of Procedure
Opinion Request Form

Duly completed requests for opinions (accompanied by the respective annexes) must be submitted to

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