“Art Therapy in the police station: creating bridges between young people and PSP agents”

Conference date: 26 November, 2020 - 18:30

The Gira no Bairro Project - A Police Station Open to the Community, was born from the union of the Mundos de Papel Association and the Public Security Police - Oeiras Division and started in June 2019. The project is innovative and pioneering in Portugal, it happens within a PSP Police Station in Caxias - Oeiras. The main objective of the project, along with the acquisition of personal and social skills, is to create bridges between the community, namely children and young people, and PSP agents. In this sense, daily activities are carried out with the children and young people of the community and the Centro Educativo Padre António Oliveira, as well as with the agents of authority, where in a different way, everyone lives together. The main highlight of the conference will be in the scope of the activities “Mundo Criativo” and “Gira Terapia”. So we have Art at the Police Station!

Watch Video here to the conference

Ana Luísa Santos
Paper Worlds Association

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