Centro de Investigação em Psicologia

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CIP/UAL develops its activity based on a research strand, on Psychosocial Vulnerability and Unstable Contexts.

Despite the positive impact of globalization in today’s society, there are conditions that cause instability, precariousness and insecurity disturbing human development, and the individual’s integration in the society.

To study the factors that cause psychosocial vulnerability and its impact is of great importance in order to understand personal and contextual conditions in risk situations, including the psychological variables associated to disease and health promotion. We believe that the research results can contribute to further the theoretical knowledge on the subject, as well as to implement measures at national level, namely in terms of prevention and intervention.

One of the main objectives underlying the ethos of CIP/UAL is to make the most of the knowledge gained and put it at the service of individuals and groups. Accordingly, based on the results attained to date, it is advisable to propose applications/interventions that trigger health strategies with a psychosocial dimension that enable the populations under study to have a better quality of life that, from a social perspective, are equally reflected in development and productivity.

CIP/UAL includes integrated researchers, collaborating researchers and assistants, which develop their research activity in individual or team projects. .